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The Machina House

Moshi moshi welcome to my home enjoy!

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Everyone else has a web site these days, so I figured, why not me, too?

Well this is one of then many web pages I have made and not like the other ones its going to be good! I'm going to have on it Harry Potter, Anime like:
Fushigi Yuugi,Digimon,Card Captors S. and more.
I'm hoping to get people to send in fanfiction and fanart! But for now I have some pics that I got off other peoples pages and I hope it is all right if I use them. If U come to my page and find out that I Have ur pics please tell me and I well give thinks to u!
I hope u enjoy the page...more will come.

The Wizard Masion

Yea Yea I know I haven't been updateing in a long time..Sorry I've been really buzzy..I just got a job today!!! YEah for me!! I've had guys and no guys...So I'm all over the place I've made new friends to. O yea I passed summer school Yeah...So know I wont have a lot of time to update again school is starting soon (sept 5th) and then I'm going to have work but I get money too. SO it's all good. well bye

What's up?


6/25/01-finshed the men page...still working
6/8/01-anded some new thing and will be working on more
4/20/-Caught page new!
8/28/01-little things here and there...

A cat; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Here I put a picture of my magic pet. I named him Mili..