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The Machina House
Beliefs and Opinions

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Who is Machina?
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Beliefs and Opinions
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My Philosophy

What are my religious beliefs?

I am a Witch...yes My religin is Wicca.
and if u think there is something wrong with that talk to the hand *puts hand in peoples' faces* If u don't cair, I want to say thank u for not hounding me (like other people).

My Opinions on Current Events

My opinions on current events.
The School Shottings.....


I believe that most of the Kids shotting people in school is Sh*t. I'm sorry but I get picked on every day of the week I had to pull a knight out on this girl right at my door becuase they would not leave me alone! I get called a less..and I'm not I have this think for mens a$$ now come on yea right.....People just don't like me! And I'm worse off then those kids but u know what I have a plane that When I go back for our 10 year think, that I'm going to be better then them I'm going to have more money I'm going to look better then them I'm going to beet them at everything they beet me at. There going to look at me and say Y did we pick on her! They just need a plane to stick by and they would have been fine!

Do you agree or disagree with my beliefs and opinions? I'd love to hear from you. Check out my "Contact Me" page to send me e-mail.