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The Machina House
Who is Machina?

So U want to know about me huh......


Who is Machina?
Bishonen I have caught!!
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Well sence u asked. I'm a person who is into stuff that is not normal. Well I'm not normal at the lest!

Well I'm a women (can't u tell?)
I live in a small town called Ravena (shh...don't tell).
I go to High school it's called RCS High school (that I hate). I live with my mother and her boy friend, and my brother and the boyfiends son (hate it here to). I have friends that make this small town better! I'm a women that can get into things (really badly).

I want to say Hellow to most of my friends:
Taykara is the one that is all ways be there for me!!
*waves to all the people around Taykara* Hey all!
Suzette,Beckie,Bessy,KC (hehhe),Frizz,Jess I, Jess W, Geana,TJ and others *waves to all the people*

O yes I do work I'm a Miko I'm the Stars No Miko.

A truck; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Favorite Stuff

Favorite TV Show: Roswell,Sailor Moon,Tenchi,Digimon,CCS,Fushigi Yugi...
Favorite Music: all kinds of music
Favorite Book: all Harry Potter
Favorite Sports Team: Giants
Favorite Food:O come on do I have to say it?...
People I Most Admire:
Gods that's going to be a lot of people well I can put one real person Taykara!

Favorite Quotes

"The Cheese wont harm you"
"Warning..The Demans have exaped...RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!"
"Humans can't live unless they fight, and if u give then peace they will just die out."
Don't know
"Yea the thing, Jobs looking for People to work for them!"
Me the other day